The Fluid Page Cache extension for TYPO3 CMS, allows you to create high precise page cache tags, with zero configuration.

Once installed, all entities you use in your Fluid templates will automatically create a new cache tag for current page cache variation.

Fluid Page Cache also provides an Info module, which visualizes the cache entries of each page (variation).

The following screenshot, displays two detail pages of EXT:news, located on the same page.

Page cache tags in TYPO3

The yellow marked entries are provides by news. pageId_2 is provided by the core itself. All others are generated automatically, based on the actual used entities, by fluid_page_cache.

Because all actual used entities have a corresponding cache tag now, you can precisely clear only those cache entries, without affecting other pages. fluid_page_cache ships an after-save-hook, which does this for you.


With fluid_page_cache installed almost all your page cache problems are a thing of the past.

In next chapter, the concept of fluid_page_cache is explained in detail.