You can install EXT:min like any other TYPO3 extension.


  • PHP 7.4 or higher

  • TYPO3 10.4 or 11.5


Since version 2.0 it is required to manually include the TypoScript configuration, of EXT:min.

You can do this in TypoScript using the @import function:

@import 'EXT:min/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.typoscript'

or define it as static include in the template itself:

Setup of EXT:min in TypoScript template's static includes

Upgrade notice

When you upgrade EXT:min from version 1.0 to 2.0, you need to update your TypoScript configuration!

  • The protectCode moved from head and body section, to root level. Any old occurrences are being ignored (which may break, protected code)

  • The following options has been removed, those functionalities are enabled by default, when tinysource is enabled:
    • stripTabs

    • stripNewLines

    • stripDoubleSpaces

    • stripTwoLinesToOne

  • The function stripSpacesBetweenTags has been removed entirely