• [DOCS] Update Documentation

  • [TASK] Do not minify missing assets, which have been added to AssetCollector

  • [BUGFIX] Fix relative URLs in compressed CSS files

  • [TASK] Update "matthiasmullie/minify" package

  • [TASK] Update copyright

  • [FEATURE] Implement css/js compression for AssetRenderer

  • [DOCS] Fix link format to issue tracker in Support.rst


  • [BUGFIX] Fix php 8 required syntax in ext_localconf.php

  • [BUGFIX] Fix typoscript condition checking for ?debug=1 query param

  • [DOCS] Fix link format to issue tracker in Support.rst


  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key warnings in PHP8 (2)

  • [BUGFIX] Avoid undefined array key warnings in PHP8 (contributed by Chris Müller)


  • [BUGFIX] Do not output "#!#protected_XXX#!#" placeholder

  • [DOCS] Update README contents

  • [DOCS] Update project title


  • [DOCS] Provide documentation

  • [TASK] Update Copyrights

  • [TASK] Remove tinysource options and enabled functionality by default

  • [TASK] Provide ?debug=1 config and enable compression flags

  • [TASK] Do not include typoscript configuration on system level

  • [TASK] Move TER dependencies to dedicated directory and provide DDEV command to update

  • [TASK] Define TYPO3 compatibility (v10 and v11)

  • [TASK] Remove bitbucket pipelines config

  • [DOCS] Provide roadmap for Version 2.0 of t3/min


  • [BUGFIX] Remove unwanted stuff from composer.lock

  • [TASK] Replace PATH_site with Environment::getPublicPath()

  • [FEATURE] Support TYPO3 10.4 LTS


  • [TASK] Update copyrights

  • [TASK] Update matthiasmullie/minify library

  • [BUGFIX] Always append ";" for inline javascript compression

  • [FEATURE] Add option removeTypeInScriptTags


  • [TASK] Improve code protection & one line mode


  • [FEATURE] TYPO3 9.5 LTS compatibility fix


  • [TASK] Add new extension icon

  • [TASK] Some improvements in README and composer.json

  • [!!!][TASK] Update vendor name in namespace

  • [TASK] Update copyright

  • [TASK] Update matthiasmullie/minify from 1.3.55 to 1.3.60

  • [BUGFIX] Fix wrong written constant TYPO3_SITE


  • [BUGFIX][!] Replace new lines correctly

  • [TASK] Update Vagrantfile


  • [BUGFIX] Remove concat string in ext_emconf


  • [TASK] Code style fixes

  • [TASK] Fix whitespace in README

  • [TASK] Add Bitbucket Pipelines configuration

  • [BUGFIX] Fix multiple occurrences of protected code

  • [TASK] Add Vagrantfile for developmen purposes


  • [TASK] Update php syntax (no PHP 5.3 support required)

  • [TASK] Update matthiasmullie/minify dependency

  • [TASK] Remove ext_tables and set defaults to full compression

  • [TASK] Do not hardcode path of compressed resources


Compatibility release

Without composer.json and with TYPO3 6.2 & PHP 5.3 support. This version is based on 1.3.0, but should just be used for TYPO3 6.2, to avoid problems with PackageStates.php processing.


  • [FEATURE] Protect <textarea> and <pre> html tags

  • [BUGFIX] remove deprecation log from copied method (contributed by JKummer)

  • [TASK] Deprecated callback method compressCssPregCallback (contributed by JKummer)

  • [BUGFIX] Missing compressor folder in target path for minify files (contributed by JKummer)


  • [TASK] Remove version from composer.json

  • [TASK] Add "tinysource" to conflicts section in emconf

  • [TASK] Add "html compression" as feature to description of extension


  • [TASK] Remove "Custom Replacement" feature from Tinysource

  • [TASK] Add tinysource feature to README.rst

  • [TASK] Replace EXT:tinysource and package arminvieweg/tinysource

  • [FEATURE] Merge EXT:tinysource to EXT:min

  • [BUGFIX] Remove two regular expressions from css compression


  • [TASK] Add extension icon

  • [TASK] Always write compressor/ and apply TYPO3's default css compression

  • [TASK] Just minify files in frontend

  • [FEATURE] Also minify cssInline, jsInline and jsFooterInline

  • [TASK] Refactor minifier bridge

  • [TASK] Append -min instead of .min

  • [TASK] Update README

  • [TASK] Disable import CSS

  • [TASK] Add content to README

  • [INITIAL] Kickstart new extension "min"