Use your own Templates

In order to use your own fluid templates, please set the path to your templates in the typoscript constants.

It’s good practice to put the templates in a dedicated “site” package (an extension which holds all your templates, configuration and css files).

For example:

plugin.tx_kesearch.templateRootPath = EXT:mysite/Resources/Private/Templates/ke_search/
plugin.tx_kesearch.partialRootPath = EXT:mysite/Resources/Private/Partials/ke_search/
plugin.tx_kesearch.layoutRootPath = EXT:mysite/Resources/Private/Layouts/ke_search/

You can use the Constant Editor to set the paths to your templates, partials and layouts.


In order to use your own templates please copy the default templates to your own package.


It is not neccessary to copy all templates, partials and layouts to adjust the templates, you can just copy the files you need to change. You will then have less hassle when templates change with a new version. All other files will fall back to the default.