ke_search renders images (icons and thumbnails) in the list view for the folllowing cases.

  • Icons for the type of result (page, news, file, …)
  • Preview images for pages
  • Preview images for news (using the first image of the news record)
  • Preview images for files (thumbnails will be created automatically for PDF and image files)

You can enable / disable them in the plugin configuration.



You can change the icons which are used in the list view.

Example configuration (Template Setup): = EXT:mysite/Resources/Public/Images/example-icon.png

page stands for the record type and corresponds to the indexer type. For file formats like xls, doc etc. you can use file_xls, file_doc etc.

Page preview images

If enabled in the plugin configuration, the image set in the page properties “Search” –> “Search result image” will be shown in the result list. If no image is set there, it falls back to “Resources” –> “Media”.

Changing the size of images

To change the size of the images, you will have to adjust the corresponding fluid partial. Please have a look at the partial “ResultRow.html” in the section “typeIconOrPreviewImage”.

Images in custom indexers

If you have implemented a custom indexer you can display images which are attached to the original record.

The image needs to be attached as FAL record to the origional record.

The configuration setting shown below has to be added to your “ext_localconf.php”.

  • INDEXER_KEY is th key of your custom indexer (column “type” in the tx_kesearch_index table).
  • ‘table’ referes to the column ‘tablenames’ in the table “sys_file_reference”
  • ‘field’ referes to the column ‘fieldnames’ in the table “sys_file_reference”
  • TABLE_NAME is the table of the original record
  • IMAGE_FIELD_NAME is the column of the original record where the image is attached
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['ke_search']['fileReferenceTypes'][INDEXER_KEY]['table'] = TABLE_NAME;
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['ke_search']['fileReferenceTypes'][INDEXER_KEY]['field'] = IMAGE_FIELD_NAME;

This example shows the configuration for the fe_users table if your indexer configuration key is also “fe_users”:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['ke_search']['fileReferenceTypes']['fe_users']['table'] = 'fe_users';
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['ke_search']['fileReferenceTypes']['fe_users']['field'] = 'image';