Creating ratingobjects

Before a rating could be done at least one ratingobject must be created and configured with ratingsteps.

Open your configured storage page in list view (see constant plugin.tx_thrating.settings.pluginStoragePid)

Add a new record of type ratingobjects.


Create ratingobjects

Ratingobjects will be created automatically (see pluginStoragePid at Constants) when doing the first rating of an object. Finally create your ratingsteps. Normal ratings require a ratingtep weight of value 1. This means all steps are rated equal. Ratingstep name could be given a value of your choice.

Create ratingsteps

You may also set a speaking text (Ratingstep name) for your ratingstep. In multilanguage sites you could also configure language specific ratingstep names. If you want to do so please add the wanted site language to the storage page.

Create stepnames