Use signal / slot handler

Adding a new signal slot is easy. Just add code like the following in your ext_localconf.php:

//Implement handling of signals from rating
$signalSlotDispatcher = t3lib_div::makeInstance('Tx_Extbase_SignalSlot_Dispatcher');
$signalSlotDispatcher->connect('Thucke\\ThRating\\Controller\\VoteController', 'afterCreateAction', 'ThRatingSignalSlotHandler', 'afterCreateRatingAction',FALSE);

Second you may create the file e.g. with the following content:

if (!defined ('TYPO3_MODE'))    die ('Access denied.');

class tx_f4missions_main_signalHandler {

    * Signal handler after a rating has bee created
    * Do timestamp update on changed entry and
    * set new staticPre- and staticPostContent on inital display and
    * set new pre- and postContent with each AJAX-Request
   function afterCreateRatingAction( $signalSlotMessage, &$customContent ) {
      $updateFields['tstamp'] = time();
      $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']->exec_UPDATEquery( $signalSlotMessage['tablename'], 'uid='.$signalSlotMessage['uid'], $updateFields);
      $customContent['staticPreContent']='<b>This ist my staticPreContent</b>';
      $customContent['staticPostContent']='<b>This ist my staticPostContent</b>';
      $customContent['preContent']='<b>This ist my preContent</b>';
      $customContent['postContent']='<b>This ist my postContent</b>';

This handler will update the field tstamp of the rated row each time a rating is added.