TypoScript and FlexForm settings

Each property in FlexForm overwrites the property defined by TypoScript.

Each property has stdWrap properties.

With the following TypoScript, you can define the result page:

plugin.tx_kesearch_pi1.resultPage = 9

or you can define the result page with help of an URL param if you want:

plugin.tx_kesearch_pi1.resultPage.data = GP:tx_kesearch_pi1|resultPage

Notes on TypoScript and extension configuration

In Admin Tools > Settings > Extension Configuration you can define basic options like the minimal length of searchwords.

You can overwrite this configuration in your page TypoScript setup:

ke_search_premium.extconf.override.searchWordLength = 3


ke_search_premium.extconf.override.enableSphinxSearch = 0