Template Selector

It is possible to provide selectable template layouts to the editors, eg. a "list layout" and a "tile layout", or different searchbox layouts.

Select a template layout in plugin


Register your new template layout in the Page TSconfig. It will then appear in the plugin and the editor will be able to select it.

   tt_content {
      pi_flexform.ke_search_pi1.view.templateLayout.addItems {
         20 = Custom search box 1

Register your own template paths, see Use your own templates.

Add the new layout inside a condition which checks for the setting conf.templateLayout.

<f:layout name="General"/>
<f:section name="content">
   <f:if condition="{conf.templateLayout}">
      <f:if condition="{conf.templateLayout} == 10">
         <f:render section="defaultLayout" arguments="{_all}"/>
      <f:if condition="{conf.templateLayout} == 20">
         <f:render section="customLayout" arguments="{_all}"/>

<f:section name="defaultLayout">
   ... default template code

<f:section name="customLayout">
   ... custom template code