What does it do?

This TYPO3 extension, based on Extbase and Fluid, is an example of best practices in automated code checks, unit/functional/acceptance testing and continuous integration (CI).


This is not a kickstarter extension.

This extension should not be used to kickstart other extensions. Instead, this extension should serve as an example for best practices. Use EXT:extension_builder in order to kickstart a new extension.

Why is this extension called "tea"?

Good extension names cover the domain of their purpose. This extension is about managing teas. That's why the name "tea" is a good fit.

We could also add _example to the name in order to state that this extension is an example. But that would already break with our goal to provide a best practice.

This is not related to the tea package manager.

Presentation at the TYPO3 Online Days 2021

At the TYPO3 Online Days 2021, Oliver Klee held a session presenting our approach to automate extension code quality. Have a look at the slides and the video of the presentation!