There is no TypoScript configuration needed. You can use the usual settings to override template paths.

You need at least one Newsletter Sysfolder with Doktype “Cute Mailing”.

Created Sysfolder with doktype "Cute Mailing"

Create Sysfolder with doktype “Cute Mailing”

Page TS-Config

You can configure your newsletter default via Page TSconfig.

Typical example

mod.web_modules.cute_mailing {
   sender =
   sender_name = Undkonsorten
   reply_to =
   reply_to_name = Undkonsorten
   # we use a page type to render html code optimized for emails
   page_type_html = 101
   # and a page type to render text emails
   page_type_text = 111
   # list markers allowed to be replaced in the rendered page
   allowed_marker = firstName,lastName,registeraddresshash


The taskqueue extension must be configured to run regularly, best via Scheduler.

Create a new Scheduler Task

Choose “Execute Console Commands” in the field “Class” in Scheduler Task. The type should be “recurring”. Set the frequency you need. After saving the new task you can select the “taskqueue:run-tasks” as the “Schedulable Command”. Set the limit for “how many task should be executed in one run” and save the task.

Now you are prepared for sending Newsletters. Scheduler will start executing the spooled Tasks in the “Task Queue”.