The extension needs to be installed as any other extension of TYPO3 CMS:

Get the extension by one of the following methods:

Install the extension with Composer

composer require undkonsorten/cute-mailing

Get it from the Extension Manager

Switch to the module Admin Tools > Extensions. Switch to Get Extensions and search for the extension key cute_mailing and import the extension from the repository. Please note that this installation method is not tested. Please feedback your experiences!

Latest version from git

You can get the latest version from git by using the git command:

git clone


Cute Mailing requires the extension taskqueue for sending the emails. The extension is automatically installed during installation via Composer. If Cute Mailing is installed via one of the other ways, the extension must be installed manually before.

Suggested Recipientlists

If you want to use tt_address data for recipients, we suggest one of those connector extensions.

Connector Extension: cute_mailing_registeraddress

Use this connector if you use registeraddress extension for newsletter subscribing. registeraddress adds some new properties to the tt_address Model. Without those connector extension it is not possible to replace such markers in mail content.

Connector Extension: cute_mailing_ttaddress

Use this connector if you just using tt_adress data for recipient lists. This connector can also be used if you use an extension that simply use the tt_address table for recipient data.


Cute Mailing comes with a simple recipient list which is ready to use after installing the extension. It's just a line separated list in a textfield. Can be used for a Test-Recipients list or if you won't install any connector extension.