TASK: Update root pid

This task updates the root pids of the tables, which will be displayed at the bottom of the task form.

Run it frequently

Add the task to the scheduler.

Enter seconds only:

  • Frequency (seconds or cron command). For example: 86400 seconds are the seconds for 24 hours.

Run it manually

If you like to run the task once, please

  1. add the task to the scheduler

  2. disable the task

Run the task in the scheduler manually.

Run on command line

You can start the task via cli command:

vendor/bin/typo3 multisite:reindex


The task prompts some information. See the screenshot below.

EXT:multisite: Task update rootpid: report


Starting situation

We have a multisite installation with

  • 600 website (root pages)

  • 3.500 frontend users

  • 400 frontend user groups

  • 60.000 pages

  • 250.000 content elements

  • 3.000 categories

  • 100.000 news

  • 5.000 news categories

among others.


Task needs 45 seconds.