This extension optimises TYPO3 for the multisite operation.

It enables in TYPO3 the so called rootpid idea.

  • Tables will be extended with the column rootpid. The column rootpid contains the id of the current website.

  • While saving a record, the rootpid will be set and updated automatically.

  • A cron job enables to update rootpids regularly for example once a day.

  • These tables are extended by default:

    • fe_groups

    • fe_users

    • pages

    • sys_category

    • tt_content

Developers can integrate every third party table into multisite.

Advantages of a rootpid

  • If you want to know, which news are owned by the current website, you need one SQL query only.

  • Administrators will see in a TCA form relations of records only, which are owned by the current website. See more at Performance below.