Icon API

Since version 7.5 TYPO3 CMS provides an Icon API for all icons in the TYPO3 backend.


All icons must be registered in the IconRegistry. To register icons for your own extension use the following code in your ext_tables.php file:

$iconRegistry = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(
   $identifier, // Icon-Identifier, z.B. tx-myext-action-preview
   ['source' => 'EXT:myext/Resources/Public/Icons/action-preview.svg']


The TYPO3 core ships three icon providers which can be used:

  • BitmapIconProvider – For all kinds of bitmap icons (GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc.)
  • SvgIconProvider – For SVG icons
  • FontawesomeIconProvider – For all icons which can be found in the fontawesome.io icon font

In case you need a custom icon provider, you can add your own by writing a class which implements the IconProviderInterface.

Use Icons in Your Code

You can use the Icon API to receive icons in your PHP code or directly in Fluid.

The PHP Way

You can use the IconFactory to request an icon:

$iconFactory = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(
$icon = $iconFactory->getIcon(
$this->view->assign('icon', $icon);

The Fluid ViewHelper

You can also use the Fluid ViewHelper to render an icon in your view:

{namespace core = TYPO3\CMS\Core\ViewHelpers}
<core:icon identifier="my-icon-identifier" size="small" overlay="overlay-identifier" />

Available Icons

The TYPO3 Core comes with a number of icons that may be used in your extensions.

To search for available icons, you can use one of these possibilities:

Install Styleguide Extension

Install the extension styleguide as described in the Readme in the installation section.

Once, installed, you can view available icons by selecting help (?) on the top in the TYPO3 Backend, then Styleguide and then Icons, All Icons.

There, browse through existing icons. Use the name under the icon (for example actions-add) as first parameter for IconFactory::getIcon() in PHP or as value for the argument identifier in Fluid (see code examples above).


Use TYPO3.Icons

An alternative way to look for existing icons is to browse through https://typo3.github.io/TYPO3.Icons/.