Removes tags from the given string (applying PHPs strip_tags() function)


default notation:

<f:format.stripTags>Some Text with <b>Tags</b> and an &Uuml;mlaut.</f:format.stripTags>

Some Text with Tags and an &Uuml;mlaut. (strip_tags() applied. Note: encoded entities are not decoded)

default notation with allowedTags:

<f:format.stripTags allowedTags="<p><span><div><script>"><p>paragraph</p><span>span</span><div>divider</div><iframe>iframe</iframe><script>script</script></f:format.stripTags>



inline notation:

{text -> f:format.stripTags()}

Text without tags (strip_tags() applied)

inline notation with allowedTags:

{text -> f:format.stripTags(allowedTags: "<p><span><div><script>")}

Text with p, span, div and script Tags inside, all other tags are removed


value (string)

string to format

allowedTags (string)

Optional string of allowed tags as required by PHPs strip_tags() f unction