A view helper for creating URIs to TYPO3 pages.


URI to the current page:

<f:uri.page>page link</f:uri.page>

index.php?id=123 (depending on the current page and your TS configuration)

query parameters:

<f:uri.page pageUid="1" additionalParams="{foo: 'bar'}" />

index.php?id=1&foo=bar (depending on your TS configuration)

query parameters for extensions:

<f:uri.page pageUid="1" additionalParams="{extension_key: {foo: 'bar'}}" />

index.php?id=1&extension_key[foo]=bar (depending on your TS configuration)


pageUid (anySimpleType)

target PID

additionalParams (anySimpleType)

Default: array ()

query parameters to be attached to the resulting URI

pageType (anySimpleType)

Default: 0

type of the target page. See typolink.parameter

noCache (anySimpleType)

Default: false

set this to disable caching for the target page. You should not need this.

noCacheHash (anySimpleType)

Default: false

set this to suppress the cHash query parameter created by TypoLink. You should not need this.

section (string)

the anchor to be added to the URI

linkAccessRestrictedPages (anySimpleType)

Default: false

If set, links pointing to access restricted pages will still link to the page even though the page cannot be accessed.

absolute (anySimpleType)

Default: false

If set, the URI of the rendered link is absolute

addQueryString (anySimpleType)

Default: false

If set, the current query parameters will be kept in the URI

argumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString (anySimpleType)

Default: array ()

arguments to be removed from the URI. Only active if $addQueryString = TRUE

addQueryStringMethod (string)

Set which parameters will be kept. Only active if $addQueryString = TRUE