TYPO3 Exception 1476107941


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[TYPO3 11.3] - [2021.08.13]

TYPO3 cannot configure Dependency Injection for the plugin controller.

Dependeny Injection may not be properly configured via Configuration/Services.yaml. Make sure that either the affected class or all classes (_defaults) have autoconfigure: true defined.

Bare minimum example:

[TYPO3 LTS 10] - [2021.05.05]

Unable to call the controller configured in a plugin.

TYPO3 creates the wrong class object for the controller.



Migrate controller names according to the deprecation notice <https://docs.typo3.org/c/typo3/cms-core/main/en-us/Changelog/10.0/Deprecation-87550-UseControllerClassesWhenRegisteringPluginsmodules.html?highlight=configureplugin>.