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What does it do?ΒΆ

This extension gives a basic appointment model to organize appointments. The frontend solution is jQuery FullCalendar, which requires jQuery and jQuery-ui to be installed. The extension frontend is based on fullcalendar functionality, combined with the appointment object, perfect to handle appointmens with multiple participants:

  • Calendar and agenda views per month, week or day
  • Appointments can be edited in frontend view, dragging and moving events is supported
  • Appointments have title, description, creator or participants assigned from frontent users and a reminder date
  • Access to the plugins features can be controlled with access rights to the plugin content element
  • Frontend view is optimized for responsive design and testet with Bootstrap 3
  • Frontend users are used as creators and participants


More information about fullcalendar:

Datec Timeline Overview

Datec Timeline just after installation