This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here. Documentation Status

Developer Manual

This usage of this extensions follows the standards of extensions based on Extbase and FLUID. You can adjust the FLUID templates a usual, by adding your template folders to the TypoScript.


Include the static template named Simple FAQ into TypoScript.


To use the foldout animation a jQuery library needs to be included in the HTML file.


How do I set the sys folder with the entries?

The sysfolder with the entries is either selected in the plugins form or can be set in the TypoScript Constants by providing a Default storage PID.

How do I set the size of the images?

The maximum size of the images is set in the TypoScript Constants as maximum width and maximum height. The rest is to be controlled by CSS styles.

Why isn't the JS folding working?

The JS file depends on JQuery. It needs to be included after the jQuery library. The JS file is included by the Typoscript page.includeJSFooter directive. Typically jQuery would be included by the page.includeJSFooterlibs.jquery directive to be included before:

page.includeJSFooterlibs.jquery = path/to/jquery.min.js
page.includeJSFooter.ehfaq = EXT:ehfaq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/main.js

How do I customize the templates?

In the TypoScript Constants you can set your own template root directories for templates, partials and layout.

I customized the templates. Why isn't the JS folding working any more?

To keep the JS script working your templates must keep the classes in the given hierarchy, while you can freely customize the HTML tags:


There must be a parent-child relation between .tx-ehfaq-topic and .tx-ehfaq-header.