This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.


The following viewhelpers can be used in you templates.


This viewhelper prefills fields in the registration form with values from fe_users.

Name: Type: Description: Default value:
fieldname String The fieldname which should be prefilled  
prefillSettings Array

Array of fieldname mappings to fe_users


prefillFields {
  firstname = first_name
  lastname = last_name
  customfields = custom_field_feuser
Empty array


This viewhelper does exactly the same as, but this viewhelper builds frontend links with buildFrontendUri(), so links to FE pages can get generated in the TYPO3 backend.

This viewhelper can be used in e-mail templates for custom notifications, when you want to link to a given page in you TYPO3 website.


< pageUid="4" additionalParams="{tx_sfeventmgt_pievent:{event: registration.event, action: 'detail', controller: 'Event'}}" absolute="1"/>


This viewhelper renders an array of possible simultaneous registration for the given event. The viewhelper respects the max. amount of simultaneous registrations per user and also respects the amount of remaining participants for the event.

The index of the array returned starts with 1, so the resulting array can be used directly in the viewhelper.


< id="amountOfRegistrations" property="amountOfRegistrations" options="{e:event.simultaneousRegistrations(event: '{event}')}" />


Formats the given DateTime object according to rfc5545, so it can be used in the iCalendar view


Formats the given string according to rfc5545, so it can be used in the iCalendar view


Must be used, when the plugin Events and event-registration - FE user registrations is used and it should be possible for users to cancel registrations (if configured in event). See usage in UserRegistration templates.


Can be used to show content, if a field or registration field is configured as required. See usage in Registration template and registration field partials.


<e:registration.isRequiredField settings=”{settings}” fieldname=”lastname”>
<span class=”event-required”>*</span>



Can be used to show a string, when a given field or registration field has validation errors See usage in Registration template and registration field partials.


<e:validation.errorClass fieldname=”email” class=”my-custom-class” />


Use this viewhelper to set the page title and indexed search title on event-detail and -registration pages.


<e:title pageTitle="{event.title}" indexedDocTitle="A custom title for indexed search"/>