How can you contribute?

Your help is very much appreciated - no matter what way you choose. Ways to contribute:

  • The simplest way to contribute is by hitting the "Edit me on GitHub" button that sits in the top right corner of every page. This will create a fork in your own GitHub account, from which you can then create pull requests.

    Edit me on GitHub icon

    If you are unfamiliar with GitHub, please refer to the GitHub Help

  • Report issues for a specific manual at GitHub choosing the right manual.

  • You can contact the Documentation Team via their Slack channel "typo3-documentation" (if you are not on Slack yet, get introduced) or send us an email!

  • For anything else you may as well contact Martin.

Are there open pull requests?

Sending pull requests (PR) at Github is the usual way to update documentation. Visit our dashboard GithubPullRequests to get an overview of pull requests:

pull request dashboard