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Sat, 06 Jul 2024 06:07:27 +0000

This guide contains information about contributing to TYPO3 documentation, writing documentation for TYPO3 extensions and formatting with reStructuredText (reST).


Migrate your documentation to the new, PHP-based reST rendering.

Cheat sheet: reStructuredText

Go tho the cheat sheet containing a quick overview on how to use reStructuredText.

Edit on GitHub

This chapter explains how to apply quick changes to the documentation you are reading by applying the "Edit on GitHub" workflow. All you need is a GitHub account.

Local rendering

Using your local machine instead of editing documentation on GitHub has many advantages, it includes the freedom to choose which IDE you make your changes in and it also gives you the ability to experiment and preview your changes locally before submitting them for approval.

Extension documentation

This chapter explains how to write documentation for a new extension.

System Extensions

The chapter contains information on how you can make changes to system extension documentation.