Dashboard Presets

It is possible to configure presets of dashboards. The extension already ships a default as well as an empty dashboard preset.

Create preset

New presets can be configured via Configuration/Backend/DashboardPresets.php:


return [
    'default' => [
        'title' => 'LLL:EXT:dashboard/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf:dashboard.default',
        'description' => 'LLL:EXT:dashboard/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf:dashboard.default.description',
        'iconIdentifier' => 'content-dashboard',
        'defaultWidgets' => ['t3information', 't3news', 'docGettingStarted'],
        'showInWizard' => false,

The file has to return an array with all presets. Each prefix itself is an array, with an identifier as key. The identifier is used to configure presets for users, see Configure preset for user.

Each preset consists of the following options:

class \TYPO3\CMS\Dashboard\ DashboardPreset

The title used for the preset. E.g. a LLL:EXT: reference..


The description used for the preset. E.g. a LLL:EXT: reference..


The identifier of the icon to use.


An array of widget identifiers, that should be part of the dashboard preset.

Widgets are always filtered by permissions of each user. Only widgets with access are actually part of the dashboard. Have a look at Permissions of widgets to understand how to handle permissions.


Boolean value to indicate, whether this preset should be visible in the wizard, when creating new dashboards, see Adding Dashboard.

This can be disabled, to add presets via Configure preset for user, without showing up in the wizard.

Configure preset for user

To define the default preset for a backend user, the following User TSconfig can be added:

options.dashboard.dashboardPresetsForNewUsers = default

Where default is the identifier of the preset. Even a comma separated list of identifiers is possible:

options.dashboard.dashboardPresetsForNewUsers = default, companyDefault

It is also possible to add another dashboard to the set of dashboards:

options.dashboard.dashboardPresetsForNewUsers := addToList(anotherOne)

If nothing is configured, default will be used as identifier.