The form framework ships a bunch of finishers, which will be briefly described here. For more details, please head to the API reference and check out the section regarding Finisher Options.

Closure finisher

The ‘Closure finisher’ can only be used within forms that are created programmatically. It allows you to execute your own finisher code without implementing/ declaring a finisher.

Confirmation finisher

The ‘Confirmation finisher’ is a simple finisher that outputs a given text after the form has been submitted.

DeleteUploads finisher

The ‘DeleteUploads finisher’ removes submitted files. Use this finisher, for example, after the email finisher if you do not want to keep the files within your TYPO3 installation.

Email finisher

The ‘Email finisher’ sends an email to one recipient. EXT:form uses two EmailFinisher declarations with the identifiers EmailToReceiver and EmailToSender.

FlashMessage finisher

The ‘FlashMessage finisher’ is a simple finisher that adds a message to the FlashMessageContainer.

Redirect finisher

The ‘Redirect finisher’ is a simple finisher that redirects to another page. Additional link parameters can be added to the URL.


This finisher stops the execution of all subsequent finishers in order to perform a redirect. Therefore, this finisher should always be the last finisher to be executed.

SaveToDatabase finisher

The ‘SaveToDatabase finisher’ saves the data of a submitted form into a database table.