Generally about indexing configurations

Indexing configuration sets up indexing jobs that are performed by a cron-script independently of frontend requests. The "crawler" extension is used as a service to perform the execution of queue entries that controls the indexing.

The Indexing configuration contains two parts

  1. Definition of execution time and period.
  2. Definition of indexing type and settings.

Below you see what all Indexing Configurations have in common:

Common indexing configurations

Common parameters in indexing configurations

These settings are described in the context sensitive help so please refer to that for more information.

The "Session ID" requires a show introduction: When an indexing job is started it will set this value to a unique number which is used as ID for that process and all indexed entries are tagged with it. When the processing of an indexing configuration is done it will be reset to zero again.

The title of a configuration can be translated in order to ease usage for backend users who use a different language than your default one. Translation strings can be provided via TypoScript:

plugin.tx_indexedsearch.settings._LOCAL_LANG {
   de.indexingConfigurations.13 = Mein Titel in Deutsch für Konfiguration 13
   de.indexingConfigurationHeader.13 = Alle Ergebnisse für Konfiguration 13