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The internal notes are a useful feature for adding context and notes to pages. It provides a way for users to document important information related to specific pages.


Adding a note

To add a note to a page:

  1. Log in to the TYPO3 backend as a user with appropriate permissions.

  2. Navigate to the page where you want to add a note.

  3. Click on Create internal note for this page .

    Creating a new sys_note note

    Button to create a new internal note

  4. Create a new internal note, select the appropriate category and add the desired text content.

  5. Save the note.


You can choose between:


Used to provide instructions to the backend user.


Used for simple notes.


Used to allow a backend user to see and complete pending to-dos.


Used to output a template.


Each category is represented by a distinct icon.

Creating a new internal note

Create a new internal note

Describing the note

Enter the title of your note in the Subject field and the description in the Message field.

Activate the Personal toggle in the Access tab, if the note should be displayed only for you.

Personal field

Using the Personal feature

How does the internal note look in the backend?

When a backend user opens the corresponding page, they will see a box displaying the internal note, if at least one is available. The various colors represent the different categories.

Different internal note categories

Different internal note categories


After creating the note, you can see who created the note and the creation date of the note.