For integrators

Properly configuring access permissions to the sys_note table is essential to enable editors to effectively utilize this system extension. Internal notes allow editors to document important information related to specific pages, enhancing the overall usability and functionality of TYPO3 for your organization.

Administration / configuration

To ensure smooth operation of the "Internal notes" extension, it is important to configure the necessary access permissions for editors. Editors must have read and/or write access to the sys_note table in TYPO3. Without the appropriate access permissions, editors may encounter issues when trying to create, view, or modify notes.

Access configuration

Access to the sys_note table can be configured through TYPO3's backend user access settings. Here is how you can configure the necessary permissions:

  1. Log in to the TYPO3 backend as an administrator.

  2. In the backend, navigate to the System > Backend Users module.

  3. Create a new Backend user group, if you do not have one already.

  4. Activate the Internal note checkbox for both Tables (listing) and Tables (modify).

    Access to the sys_note table

    Giving access to the sys_note table

  5. Save the changes.

By configuring access rights in this way, editors will have the necessary permissions to create, edit, and view notes using the "Internal notes" extension. This ensures that they can effectively use this feature to add context and notes to pages within your TYPO3 installation.

Remember to regularly review and update access permissions as needed to maintain security and compliance with your organization's requirements.