Contribute to the TYPO3 documentation

Everyone is welcome to make changes and help improve TYPO3's documentation.

No prior knowledge is required and support is always available for new contributors here.

Once you have submitted your changes they won't be visible straight away. Someone in the Documentation Team will need to approve the changes first before they are published.

More information on how your submissions ("PR"s, "Pull Requests") will receive feedback can be found in the chapter Policy for making and reviewing contributions.


There are two different ways in which you can make your changes before submitting them for approval.

  1. Edit on GitHub

    You can edit documentation in your browser by accessing its repository directly on GitHub.

    This workflow is ideal for making minor changes such as fixing grammatical errors and typos.

    Workflow #1: "Edit on GitHub".

  2. Edit locally and render with Docker

    This method is suited to users who are comfortable using Git, Docker and the command line. It's the recommended approach for making larger changes as it gives you greater control over what tools you use and it also allows you to test and view your changes locally before submitting them for approval.

    Workflow #2: "Local editing and rendering with Docker"