Contribute to system extensions

The documentation for system extensions is maintained inside the TYPO3 source code, so the contribution workflow is a little different.

For more information about the various contribution workflows, see Documentation contribution matrix.

  • When it comes to documentation that is contained within the core (like system extension documentation and changelog), you would use Forge to report issues, using the category "Documentation":

  • The TYPO3 Contribution Guide - Core Development explains the contribution workflow for the core. For making a change to the documentation in the core, you would use the workflow explained in that guide (using Git and pushing to Gerrit).

  • You can also test the change by rendering locally as in any documentation patch, because all documentation uses a common format and file structure and can be rendered with the same Docker container.


There is an easy shortcut for minor changes: You can use the Edit on GitHub method for minor changes to system extensions documentation and the changelog. Under the hood, a patch will get created and pushed to Gerrit and you will find a comment in your pull request with information about where to find your patch on Gerrit.


See System Extensions for a list of system extension documentation.

Use the sample extension manual if you want to start new system extension documentation from scratch.