Setting up languages

Languages are defined in the site configuration for each root page. When creating a new page on root level via TYPO3 backend, a very basic site configuration is generated on the fly. It prevents immediate errors due to missing configuration and can also serve as a starting point for all further actions.

Site Management

The Introduction Package's default languages are English, Danish and German languages. Adding a new language is done in the Site Management > Sites module of the backend.

Editing a site configuration

Editing form for a site configuration

Once you have defined at least one additional language, you will be able to translate pages and content. For example, the Web > List module will show links for translation if you have translated the page.

Content elements with localize links

The Web > List view, with page translations and localize links for content elements

Translated elements appears nested "under" their default language parent element in the Web > List view.

Nested translations

The Web > List view shows translations nested under their parent