Announcement of updates and security fixes

Information about new TYPO3 releases as well as security bulletins are being announced on the “TYPO3 Announce” mailing list. Every system administrator who hosts one or more TYPO3 instances, and every TYPO3 integrator who is responsible for a TYPO3 project should subscribe to this mailing list, as it contains important information. You can subscribe at bin/mailman/listinfo/typo3-announce

This is a read-only mailing list, which means that you cannot reply to a message or post your own messages. The announce list typically does not distribute more than 3 or 4 mails per month. However it is highly recommended to carefully read every message that arrives, because they contain important information about TYPO3 releases and security bulletins.

Other communication channels such as, a RSS feed, an official Twitter account @typo3_security etc. can be used additionally to stay up-to-date on security advisories.