Event to listen to after the form engine has been initialized (and all data has been persisted).

The PSR-14 event \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Controller\Event\AfterPageColumnsSelectedForLocalizationEvent will be dispatched after records and columns are collected in the LocalizationController.

The event receives:

  • The default columns and columns list built by LocalizationController
  • The list of records that were analyzed to create the columns manifest
  • The parameters received by the LocalizationController

The event allows changes to:

  • the columns
  • the columns list

This allows third party code to read or manipulate the “columns manifest” that gets displayed in the translation modal when a user has clicked the Translate button in the page module, by implementing a listener for the event.


class TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Controller\Event\AfterPageColumnsSelectedForLocalizationEvent

This event triggers after the LocalizationController (AJAX) has selected page columns to be translated. Allows third parties to add to or change the columns and content elements withing those columns which will be available for localization through the “translate” modal in the page module.


Returns list of columns, indexed by column position number, value is label (either LLL: or hardcoded).

Return type:array
setColumns(array columns)
  • $columns (array) – the columns

Returns a list of integer column position numbers used in the BackendLayout.

Return type:array
setColumnList(array columnList)
  • $columnList (array) – the columnList
Return type:TYPO3\CMS\Backend\View\BackendLayout\BackendLayout

Returns an array of records which were used when building the original column manifest and column position numbers list.

Return type:array

Returns request parameters passed to LocalizationController.

Return type:array