It is possible to use TypoScript conditions in both User TSconfig and Page TSconfig, just as it is done in TypoScript for templates.

For a general discussion about TypoScript conditions, please refer to TypoScript Syntax Study of the core API document.

For a list of available conditions, please refer to the TypoScript Reference.


[tree.level == 1]
TCEFORM.tt_content.section_frame.disabled = 1

The above TSconfig will hide the "section_frame" field of content elements only on the first level of the page tree.

Differences to conditions in TypoScript templates

There are some slight differences between conditions in TSconfig and conditions in TypoScript templates, which must be taken into account:

  • The values of frontend.user will not be available, because they are limited to frontend context.

  • The function "getTSFE()" will not work because the TSFE global object only exists in the FE context.

  • Accessing TypoScript constants inside a condition like [{$myTypoScriptConstant} == '1'] will not work either as they are not available in the BE context.

  • Note that the values in the tree object like tree.rootLineParentIds and tree.level will apply correctly to pages that are being created but are not yet saved.

  • You can still use custom conditions. For doing so, look up the page Symfony Expression Language on how to register custom conditions.

Furthermore, you can access the current backend user inside a TSConfig condition:


Check whether the current BE user has the uid 5:

[backend.user.userId == 5]

The following condition will apply only if the BE user is an admin: