Installing TYPO3

The Installation Guide covers everything needed to install TYPO3. Including a preinstallation checklist and a detailed walk through that details every step of the installation process.

Deploying TYPO3

The deployment guide highlights some of solutions available that can help automate the process of deploying TYPO3 to a remote server.

Tuning TYPO3

This chapter contains information on how to configure and optimize the infrastructure running TYPO3.

TYPO3 Release Integrity

Every release of TYPO3 is electronically signed by the TYPO3 release team. In addition, every TYPO3 package also contains a unique file hash that can be used to ensure file integrity when downloading the release. This guide details how these signatures can be checked and how file hashes can be compared.

Installing TYPO3 With DDEV

This is a step-by-step guide detailing how to install TYPO3 using DDEV, Docker and Composer.

Legacy Installation Guide

Looking to install TYPO3 the classic way? Whilst this method of installation is no longer recommended, the Legacy Installation Guide demonstrates how TYPO3 can be installed without using Composer.