About this Document

This tutorial details the steps required to turn a set of front end templates (HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, etc.) into a standalone sitepackage extension.

Target Audience

This tutorial is written for TYPO3 integrators and developers. It requires a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Readers should have some exposure to TYPO3 and its administrative interface (the backend) prior to following this documentation. This tutorial does not require any software programming experience.


Inspired by some initial discussions between Christian Kuhn, Benni Mack, Xavier Perseguers, Michael Schams and Mathias Schreiber in mid 2016, this tutorial was written by Michael Schams between 2017 and 2018. It is loosely based on the concepts by Benjamin Kott, which he presented in a video with Mathias Schreiber in November 2017 (see Videos on YouTube). The final version of this document was published by the TYPO3 Documentation Team in April 2018.


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