In this tutorial you will learn how to build a web site with TYPO3 CMS.

This tutorial explains how to:

  • use an HTML document as a template for a TYPO3 CMS web site.
  • integrate the HTML document into the TYPO3 CMS system as a basis for all pages
  • configure TYPO3 CMS to insert the content of each page into the HTML template
  • create text-based dynamic navigations (the menus on each page).

The result of this tutorial is a site similar to the Introduction Package. This tutorial includes a set of files (mainly an HTML file and a CSS file), which are used throughout.


You need an installed version of TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS. You can download the source code from

Skill level

This tutorial assumes you are a beginner-level site developer. It contains step by step instructions, to help you learn how to create your first website with TYPO3 CMS, based on the given HTML file.

This tutorial teaches you how to integrate an HTML template into the TYPO3 CMS system, a task known as “Integration” in the TYPO3 CMS world.


Before you begin, please read the TypoScript in 45 Minutes Tutorial. It is enough if you have skimmed it. It is not necessary that you understand everything noted there (and certainly not all the details). This tutorial should give you an overview of TYPO3 CMS. However, concepts in TypoScript in 45 Minutes Tutorial will be repeated here in the Templating Tutorial where they are needed.

A basic knowledge of HTML is necessary (detailed knowledge is not). Knowledge of CSS is not mandatory.

What’s new

This is the first version of this manual. It replaces the old “Modern Template Building Tutorial”, which was originally written in 2003. Although we have tested the descriptions in this manual, there might still be places, which somehow are not clear or not understandable.

If something remains unclear when you are working through the manual, please drop us a note (see Feedback below)!

Thank you and have fun!


This manual was started by Christopher Stelmaszyk and completed by Christian Wöbbeking, with feedback from some TYPO3 CMS beginners.


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