In this tutorial we will use one of the most common approaches for building a website in TYPO3 CMS. We will adapt an HTML file to TYPO3 CMS, and it will be used as a basis for the website. Certain changes will be made in this HTML template for it to work well with TYPO3 CMS. These changes will allow certain parts, or segments, of this template to be replaced with the content, which you have in your TYPO3 CMS installation.

To tell TYPO3 CMS which parts it should replace, our next step is to modify the HTML template. Inside it, we will add what we call “marks” and “subparts”.


You may want to repeat these two words to yourself over and over again, as they are very important to keep in mind all throughout this tutorial.

In a later chapter we will configure TYPO3 CMS to replace these marks and subparts with the actual content coming from TYPO3 CMS.