What does it do?

With the TYPO3 Beaconizer you can harvest links from authority files (BEACON files), automatically enrich your website content with related links (“see also” links) and open your data to external applications with dynamically generated BEACON files.

BEACON is a simple text based file format to exchange hyperlinks. A BEACON file contains a 1-to-1 (or 1-to-n) mapping from normdata identifiers to links. Each link consists of an URL with an optional annotation (read more about BEACON files and their purpose in the English Wikipedia).

A BEACON file connects your TYPO3 pages and data to the outside world via harvestable links. At the same time you can provide your users with context related links in your detail views. Have a look at this poster which explains the benefits of using BEACON.


The TYPO3 Beaconizer consists of three components:

  • a scheduler job for harvesting links from BEACON files
  • a BEACON generator for your data (you can map any TYPO3 table)
  • a seeAlso plugin that generates context related links for authority identifiers



This extension is developed by the Digital Academy of the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz for our Digital Humanities Projects.

Join development

Collaborative development of the TYPO3 Beaconizer takes place on Github. You are very welcome to join in and submit pull requests.