SeeAlso plugin

The purpose of the SeeAlso plugin is to enhance your detail views with context related links. The plugin performs a lookup based on identifiers, either against the harvested links in your TYPO3 database or against the webservice. It can be bound to any detail view of any Extbase extension and to regular TYPO3 pages.

SeeAlso plugin

From version 1.0.0 of the TYPO3 Beaconizer it is also possible to use the plugin not only for extension records but also for regular TYPO3 pages. Please read the tutorial section in this manual for further information.

Requirements for the SeeAlso plugin

You will need two things for the SeeAlso plugin to work:

  1. Authoritative identifiers in your records from one of the national or international authority files (GND, VIAF, Library of Congress etc.).
  2. A URL argument from which the currently displayed object can be inferred (uid etc.)

How it works

The SeeAlso plugin should be placed on the page with the detail view on which you would like to show “SeeAlso” links. You need to provide a simple TypoScript mapping (see below). Once set, the plugin will keep an eye on the incoming URL arguments and once it spots the argument that you have mapped as identifying argument for your objects, it will fetch the record from the database, take the value of the field that you have mapped to be the authoritative identifier and perform a SeeAlso lookup, either against your harvested links or against the webservice.

Placement of the SeeAlso plugin

Mapping with TypoScript

The SeeAlso plugin needs a simple TypoScript mapping to determine the currently displayed object. Put the following in your template:

plugin.tx_beaconizer_seealso {
  settings {
    objectMapping {
      VENDOR\MyExtension\Domain\Model\MyObject {
         pluginNamespace = tx_myextension_myplugin
         argumentName = myArgumentName
         sourceIdentifierProperty = myProperty

You can map any object by using the according classname. Below the classname you have to set the following three options:

pluginNamespace (optional)
This is the plugin namespace of the “other” plugin on the page that shows the detail view
argumentName (mandatory)
This is the argument name of the detail view that contains the uid or identifier of the object by which the SeeAlso plugin will try to fetch the record from the database. Do not confuse this with the authoritative identifier (see next property)
sourceIdentifierProperty (mandatory)
This property contains the authoritative identifier (GND, VIAF, etc.) for the object. The SeeAlso lookup will be performed using this value

Plugin settings

Once the TypoScript mapping is in place you can configure the plugin as follows:

Configuration options of the SeeAlso plugin

First and foremost don’t forget to select the page(s) where you keep your records in the Record Storage Page field of the plugin. You then have the choice to configure the SeeAlso lookup either against your database (for this you have to harvest links with the Beaconizer’s scheduler task) or against the webservice at

Filtering results

The Providers for lookup setting makes it possible to filter the result for links that only belong to specific providers.

Fluid template

The output of the SeeAlso plugin is done with a Fluid template that you will find in


Any links found are available as {link} objects in the template.