Installation for both TYPO3 CMS installation types (manual/composer) are supported. For both a compatible installation is provided.

Manual installations

Download the extension recaptcha either with the browser from or github and upload it into the installation in the admin tools extensions, or directly in the admin tools extensions with the integrated search.

Composer installations

On the console in the folder where the project composer.json resides just type:

Installation via composer
composer require evoweb/recaptcha ^8.2
composer update


After the extension is installed by either way you always need to activate it. Normally this is done in the admin tools extensions. But its also possible to activate it via console:

Activate extension on shell
$ ./bin/typo3 extensionmanager:extension:install recaptcha


If, the captcha should be usable in backend context or you like to have a default configuration without touching TypoScript, the extensions need to be configured in the admin tools extensions. Via the cog as shown on the screenshot.

Configure extension settings