Users manual

Usage in ext:form manager

This extension doesn't come with a content element of any sort. As it is only a service the captcha can't be used on its own. But there is one part where editors are able to have the possibility to configure captcha related settings.

Add captcha to form

In the form manager it's possible to add the captcha to a form by choosing it in the new field wizard.

Recaptcha on the form element wizard

Configure label

After the selection the user is able to choose if the label should be rendered in frontend and if so what label text should be used.

Add recaptcha element in form

Use invisible captcha

To use the invisible reCAPTCHA it's necessary to add an captcha field. Once this is done the form needs to be configured via the settings button on top of the form editor. There the checkbox for "Use invisible recaptcha" needs to be checked.

Configuration of invisible recaptcha

Usage in ext:formhandler

The invisible mode is only supported at the moment.

Marker for the hidden field:


Marker for the submit button: