Users Manual

Target group: Editors

Add the beautyofcode frontend plugin via the FCE wizard or manually via a generic plugin. After adding the plugin there are 2 tabs available.

Tab: beautyOfCode

These fields should be self explanatory.

  • Description (not necessary, if empty no description is displayed)
  • Programming language (available languages configured by your admin)
  • URL / File (use a local file or external URL with sourcecode) OR
  • Sourcecode

Tab: Options

Within this tab its possible:

  • to highlight some specific lines. Use a syntax like: 1,2,3,4,5 or 1-5

  • to overwrite the default settings configured by your admin.

    • Gutter (show line numbers)
    • Collapse (displays code element collapsed)

Please note: Configuration overwrite via the Option tab could be disabled by your admin.