Version Changes:
0.8.0 First release of a beta version.

Bug fixing of the border width customization

Bug fixing of the animation of the cards in the chrome browser

Improving of the manual.


Some more parameters in the backend for adjusting the animations

Adjusting the color of the backsid of the cards in the backend

Adjusting the points for correct or wrong selections in the backend

A icon for the extension

0.9.1 Fixed a major bug with the caching. Because of the cache the pairs didn’t response after the second access. Lots of tests on different browsers with the animations Fixed some minor bugs.
0.9.2 Fixed a bug with the animation on the card stack with chrome on slow computers.
1.0.0 First stable Version. A test mode flag for checking the configuration of the pairs.
2.0.0 Change the pairs game to jQuery 3.x with Bootstrap 3.x and remove the jQuery UI library. Also introduce the static template.
2.1.0 Update for Typo3 Version 8 and PHP 7
2.2.0 Update for Typo3 Version 9 and 10-dev