• The pairs game is not responding on mouse clicks

If the pairs game is displayed, but not reacting on your mouse clicks, then please have look into your console of your browser. In chrome you can get the console with the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-j. Sometimes you can see there the following Server Error 500.

You can also have a look into your apache error log, usually located in /var/log/apache2/error.log. There is probably a error like that.

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getm_arrExtIdMapping() on a non-object in /var/www/typo3conf/ext/glpairs/Classes/Controller/PairsController.php on line 582

In both cases you have trouble with the ajax session in the beginning of the game. Usually you can solve it while you delete all the typo3 caches in the backend. If the error remains, then check if you have set the correct UTF settings in the install tool for your database.

If all not helps you can also have a look in the Typo3 Log for the resent messages. Sometimes you can find there some helpful informations.

  • The pairs game has a destroyed layout and shows the frontside of all cards

If the layout of the pairs game is completely destroyed and all cards are showed with there frontsides, then have also a look into the console of your browser (Ctrl-Shift-j). If you can see an error message like that.


The you have no permission to access the public folder of this extension with all the css and javascript files. Please grant the access in your apache configuration. How to setup the apache for this configuration you can read in the chapter Installation in this document.

  • No dialogs apears or game is not respondig on mouse clicks

In the game no dialog boxes apears. For instance the final information or the dialog at the end of the game with the congratulations for finishing the game.


If you go into the console log (Shortcut Ctrl-Shift-j) then you can see error messages that the jQuery library not exist.

No jQuery library defined

In this case you should check the HTML source code of your page. You have very likely linked the jQuery library twice in your page or you have it not linked at all. This happens mostly because of other extensions or if you have forgotten the static template. In this case you need to deactivate the other extensions for this page. It is very important, that after the link to the file “jquery-3.1.1.js” no other jQuery library is linked in your HTML page. See the chapter Configuration and plugin.tx_glpairs how to activate and deactivate the javascript libraries.

If you see an error like this in the Browser console.

No Bootstrap library defined

You need to activate the Bootstrap library. See also in the both chapters above for this settings.

  • SQL Error in the backend

Especially after an update of the extension, a SQL error can happen if you try to edit a pairs game.


Usually it is an error about an unknown column. In this case has the update routine of typo3 not properly updated the database. You need to deinstall and reinstall the extension in the Extension Manager. After this the error should not happen any more.