Users manual

If you don’t plan to create a text only pairs, then you should first find some proper pictures and load them up to your server.

After that you need to create a folder where you store all your Pair and Pairs in Typo3. A Pair is a pair of cards where you define the images and a description. A Pairs is the pairs game where you assign all Pair (I mean the plural of Pair but with the “s” at the end it becomes a different meaning). The Pair you need to create first than a Pairs. In the end you need to create a Plugin element on your homepage and assign the created Pairs to it. Remember, all fields for the setup of the Pair and Pairs have a context sensitive help if you go over the label of the field with your mouse.

But before it is a good idea to read first the chapter Administration how to install this extension, Configuration for the settings with the javascript libraries and finally the Tutorial for a detailed description, how to create your first pairs game.

Edit a pairs game in the backend