Developer Corner

Target group: Developers

This extension will support developers by providing

  • registry to add multiple chart libraries implementing at least the Hoogi91\Charts\DataProcessing\Charts\LibraryInterface
  • DataProcessors to retrieve configured charts data, assets and flexform settings


This extension can be combined with installation of Spreadsheet extension

Register Library

To register your own or an chart library override put something like the following in your ext_localconf.php:

/** @var \Hoogi91\Charts\DataProcessing\Charts\LibraryRegistry $libraryRegistry */
 $libraryRegistry = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(

// add new chart library

// add override for existing chart library


Contributions are essential for the success of open-source projects but certainly not limited to contribute code. A lot more can be done:

  • Improve documentation
  • Answer questions on

Contribution workflow

Please create always an issue at before starting with a change. This is essential helpful if you are unsure if your change will be accepted.

Get the latest version from git

Fork the repository and provide a pull request with your change