Target group: Administrators

The extension needs to be installed as any other extension of TYPO3 CMS:

  1. Switch to the module “Extension Manager”.
  2. Get the extension
    1. Get it from the Extension Manager: Press the “Retrieve/Update” button and search for the extension key charts and import the extension from the repository.
    2. Get it from You can always get current version from by downloading either the t3x or zip version. Upload the file afterwards in the Extension Manager.
    3. Use composer: execute composer req hoogi91/charts where your composer.json is located.


You can also refer to general TYPO3 documentation, for example the Extension Installation.

Latest version from git

You can get the latest version from git by using the git command:

git clone

Preparation: Select Chart library in extension settings

  1. Navigate to extension settings
  2. open settings for charts
  3. select chart library you wish to use for frontend rendering
  4. optional disable the default caching of evaluated chart data

Preparation: Include static TypoScript

The extension ships some TypoScript code which needs to be included.

  1. Switch to the root page of your site.
  2. Switch to the Template module and select Info/Modify.
  3. Press the link Edit the whole template record and switch to the tab Includes.
  4. Select Charts (charts) at the field Include static (from extensions):
Static Typoscript Configuration