Accessible video player based on MediaElement.js, A11y Plugin and Fluid

Extension key:a11y_me_video
Package name:iundd/a11y_me_video
Author:Robert Pudenz
Company:.i-D. internet + Design GmbH & Co. KG
License:This document is published under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.
Rendered:2022-06-15 23:52

Accessible video player based on MediaElement.js, A11y Plugin and Fluid.

The new content element supports many features:

  • supports two video formats: mp4 and additional webm
  • customizable through fluid templates, sass, css and javascript
  • supports accessibility by being able to optionally include different alternatives to the main video
    • switchable subtitles (vtt file)
    • switchable video with sign language (mp4 file, additional webm file)
    • switchable alternative audio track with audio description (mp3 file)
    • link to a page with text alternative
    • video download links
  • supports poster image
  • supports data fields, settings and CSS classes, which are known from any standard content elements e.g. Text & Media.
    • header (header, type, align, date, link, subheader)
    • text (ck-editor)
    • content element layout (layout, frame, space before, space after)
  • video player based on MediaElement.js and A11y plugin
  • control via keyboard, mouse and touch
  • keyboard focus highlight
  • screen reader support with wai-aria
  • 24 frontend languages
  • video width (50%,100%) and video position (relative to text block)
  • full screen mode available
  • automatically adapts to the screen width
video player

video player in frontend view