For Developers

You can easily access the data of the current logged in user by calling the following methods:

$session = (new Bitmotion\Auth0\Factory\SessionFactory())->getSessionStoreForApplication();
$userInfo = $session->getUserInfo();

User metadata is also stored as plain JSON in the TYPO3 fe_user field auth0_metadata. Beside of that, the last used application is stored in the auth0_last_application property of the fe_user.

If you want to enrich the user metadata or remove some information, you can do it this way:

// Get the user Id
$sessionStore = (new SessionFactory())->getSessionStoreForApplication();
$user = $session->getUserInfo();
$userId = $user['sub'];

// Prepare data
$data = new \stdClass();
$data->favourite_color = 'blue';

// Update Auth0 user
$managementApi = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(ManagementApi::class, $application);
$managementApi->users->update($userId, $data);


You can manipulate the actual redirect URI by listening to the RedirectPreProcessingEvent. This event is called when a user successfully logged in or logged off to / from your TYPO3 instance. Find more about event listening in the official TYPO3 documentation.